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Press Start EP

Press Start  EP

Nasty Genius, Ngen, J Nitrous

2 Tracks

Catalogue No. MOV000

Release Date 13 October 2011

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Free Download: Press Start EP

Press Start EP (320kbps)

Press Start EP

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Chemical Plant

Ngen ft. J Nitrous

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Shao Kahnage

Nasty Genius


Move Music is proud to announce the release of its debut EP: Press Start and to celebrate we're distributing it for free.

Download the Press Start EP here

Ngen & J Nitrous have collaborated to produce the booty shaking remix of Sega's popular Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack Chemical Plant. Showcasing the talent of newly acquainted artist Ngen. This track has received a massive response from dancefloors worldwide from performers such as Flux Pavilion and Doctor P.

Nasty Genius has produced the old school, heavyweight Drum & Bass tune Shao Kahnage by articulating a huge mashup of classic arcade sounds with a polished DnB track. Shao Kahnage has been needing a release for a long time and is a must have for any hardcore dnb fans crate.

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